Canada, for the forth year in a row has the world's best reputation as a place to live and work!

This is based on Effective Government, something the US will lack after this next election, an Advanced Economy and a wonderful environment.

We have beautiful landscapes, a thriving work atmosphere (who gets more stat holidays, than Canada, eh?) 




1) We have less gun related homicides than our neighbours to the south, in fact we have less homicides period!  More than Six times less in fact.  We have less homicides, than the city of Baltimore!


2) We have Universal Health Care.  This means we do not turn people away at the door.  Everyone is treated the same, with open emergency departments in our hospitals, to aquiring a family doctor, health care is free!


3) We have Parental Leave for new mom and dads, PAID!  Yes that is right, if you have a new baby, mom and dad can split their time to raise the baby for the first important steps of it's life!  And you get paid to do it.


4) We have a Forward Thinking, Social Progressive Government.  We accept refuges, have had the Same Sex Marriage law longer than many countries, and are an open country.


5) We are a Fun Loving Country - we are not boring. Although nothing can be more funnier than watching the circus of events unfolding in the US right now with the Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton show!  But of course, Canada is home to some of the best actors in the world; some of the best filming locations in the world, and of course, we have the best park lands and fresh water lakes in the world.


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Information from "Market Watch" by Quentin Fottrell published March 3, 2016